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What is a Function Band?

four pieceOTC is one of the most sought after function bands in the UK. For those of you who don’t fully understand what a function band is and what they offer, prepare to be enlightened!

A function band can also be labelled as a covers band because the majority, if not all of the songs they play are ‘cover songs’. This means they are songs which have been produced in the past by other artists, have commonly made it into the top 40’s chart, and are recognised by the mainstream audience.

The fact that many function bands play these popular songs has actually given rise to the the label ‘Top 40 band’ meaning they just play top 40 hits.

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Some function bands are made up of what is known as session musicians. These are flexible musicians hired in on a gig to gig basis. However there are some cover/function bands that are made up of consistent members and blend, or go on to do, their own songs. One of the best examples of this evolution is the Rolling Stones who released three albums of mainly cover songs, before releasing their own material.

Function bands are typically employed for a range of parties, ceremonies and events such as Weddings, religious engagements, festivals and much of OTC’s function band work in London and around the UK is for corporate events. In fact we’ve just got back from a big corporate awards event in Germany which you can read all about very soon!

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